Sometimes you do a double take when you see something that looks out of the ordinary. Like maybe when you see a girl with long armpit hair.

Why does that look so strange? Well because in our society women shave their armpits. Does anyone ever wonder why? Or does anyone think it’s strange that something so miniscule as an unshaven armpit can throw you off so much?

From the moment you were born, you’ve been brainwashed. Brainwashed by society and even by your parents. Someone told you what it meant to be a woman. Someone told you what beautiful meant. Someone told you that boys are tough, and that women are emotional.

If you were a baby girl I bet everyone said you were beautiful. Like that was all that mattered. You could have been a funny baby or maybe even a smart baby. But for the most part women are praised for their looks.

Do you ever wonder what you would be like if someone hadn’t told you these things? Do you think you’d be a different person? Do you think if we didn’t’ have a set standard for beautiful that more people would feel so? Or what do you think it would be like if the media didn’t make everyone feel like they ought to be thin?

Well I’ll tell you what I think. I think the world would be much different. If there weren’t so many adjectives pinned to ourselves every time we looked into the mirror. I think we’d be a little bit more free.

We’d have room to breathe and time to realize that each moment is brand new. That each second you’re a new person. And that’s all you ever have to be… is you.

If you embrace yourself you’ll find all the happiness in the world. It doesn’t matter what people say you should be. Gender stereotypes are only the half. Things like religion, economic placement, sexual orientation, and race all hand us blueprints telling us how to act and how to treat people that fall in those “categories”

 It is a good thing to question and to ask yourself if what you’re doing and if what you’re saying truly is something you think is you. I think we should all push the boundaries around us. I think we should embrace ourselves and let go of the words that keep us from accepting each other.

So just be you. Love your body and everything that you were meant to be. Love every thought you have, It’s just easier that way. Just remember….. those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


Love you ♡